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Military to Civilian

Transitioning from the Military to Civilian life isn't easy - we know! At Iceberg CVs we help make that transition easier by constructing high impact CVs that showcase your transferable skills to enable hiring managers and recruiters to"discover what's under the surface" so that your CV stands out from the crowd.

military to civilian CVs

The transition

The transition from military service to civilian life is not easy, regardless of whether you have served in the Army, RAF, Royal Navy or Royal Marines, your length of service, or your achievements/decorations. This transition may seem mountainous not only because you are moving to 'civvy street' from probably a very well structured life in the military, but also because you have to find a new job outside the Service. A polished and well written CV that emphasises your transferable skills will be essential to enabling you to find the right role.

Your goal and ambition

You will probably have had a well defined career in the military, that will encompass operational deployments, training and more routing 'staff jobs'. Throughout your career you will have amassed a range of skills and competencies, and no doubt some very unique and personal experiences. This often makes the decision to leave difficult and the choice of your career outside the service even harder. So, it is important to define a 'goal'. We recommend you talk to friends and family, and use your local resettlement service. Once you have defined your 'goal' then you must tailor your CV to highlight your skills and competences, and any relevant experience to the job you have in mind. Whilst you could create a generic CV for multiple 'goals' or job types, we don't recommend this as it is likely that you will dilute the impact and generalise too much. Having a targeted CV is much better. At Iceberg CVs we will help you to refine your goal and ambition, and market your strengths through a well written, focused CV.

The relevance of your career and experience

Making your military skills, competencies and experience relevant to a civilian role is not easy. All too often, CVs are littered with military acronyms and references to roles than many recruiters or hiring managers wouldn't understand. At Iceberg CVs a number of our skilled consultants have successfully transitioned from the military to rewarding roles in the private and public sector. As such, we are skilled at translating, for example, achievements in operational theaters into functional competencies that any employer would find attractive. We identify and articulate 'transferable' skills which means that we can demonstrate the relevance of, for example, an operational deployment to Afghanistan, to a civilian role. Often these 'transferable' skills are in-abundance, but all too often they are inadequately signposted and recruiters and hiring managers cannot see the 'wood for the trees'. Key 'transferable' skills would include: delivering results; teamwork; making effective decisions; setting direction; leading and communicating; delivering value for money; seeing the bigger picture; etc.

Military training in the UK is probably the best in the world. Most employers will recognise not only the generic skills and competencies covered above, but also the specialist skills in areas such as: IT; communications; engineering, and construction. At Iceberg CVs we can tailor your CV to include these specific skills as necessary. Be proud of your military history and be unafraid to discuss specific details at the interview. However, remember always to 'bridge' from specific military achievements into generic competencies (such as leadership or delivering results) in order to ensure they are relevant to the role.

What not to include

Whilst you should rightly be proud of your military awards and decorations, sadly they do not have a place on a civilian CV; nor does military titles, jargon and service-specific information, or details of actual operational deployments. At Iceberg CVs we will ensure only the most relevant information is included, but importantly your CV will be styled to impress a non-military audience. That way your transferable skills and experience will become very marketable. At Iceberg CVs we will help you to transition to a civilian career by helping you to find that perfect job where your transferable skills are recognised and rewarded.

We offer a special package for service personnel seeking to transition to civilian life. Contact us for more details...